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    An American Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Master, Swami Chetanananda excels at making authentic ancient practices accessible for spiritual growth in our modern lives. Born and educated in the US, Swamiji has traveled widely and explored many eastern spiritual traditions. He has written several books on spiritual practice and philosophy, published by Rudra Press. He is the abbot and spiritual director of The Movement Center, a spiritual community based in Portland, Oregon.

About the Śiva Sutras

The philosophical and practical currents within Kashmir Śaivism expressed themselves first in the agamas, texts which were accepted as divine revelation without human authorship. These took the forms of dialogues between Śiva and his consort Śakti. By the eighth century, so many agamas had been written that it was difficult to master them all. So, a teacher by the name of Vasugupta recorded the Śiva Sutras. This was the first text associated with a particular individual, and was still considered to be revealed. The purpose of the Śiva Sutras was to present the gist of the tradition and practice as a whole, in a limited number of sutras, or verses.
About the Śiva Sutras