The Livestream Program

This program includes the livestream videos of Swami Chetanananda's morning teachings for The Goddess and the Sri Chakra Practice Retreat (from 10 am to 12 noon each day). You'll be able to access the videos during the retreat and for 30 days following. Your registration will also give you access to another online course, with extensive resources, including the retreat videos, practice manuals, and additional videos, that will be published after the retreat.
The Livestream Program

Course curriculum

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    The Livestream Program
    • Livestream Retreat Teachings: The Goddess and the Śrī Chakra Practice
    • Daily Practice Manual

About the The Goddess and The Śrī Chakra Practice Retreat

In the retreat, Swamiji will teach the complete practice of the Śrī Chakra puja, including its philosophical basis; the structure, meaning and deities of the mandala; and the complete worship sequence of mantras, mudras, and offerings. He will explain its relevance to our daily lives and how the practice can enhance our connection with our deepest self and highest potential.
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Your Teacher

  • Swami Chetanananda

    Swami Chetanananda

    Swami Chetanananda ("Swamiji") is an American spiritual teacher who has spent his life assimilating the great tantric teaching traditions into a new non-dual model of spiritual understanding. From that understanding, he has developed a practical approach for modern lives that is accessible by anyone. Drawing from his study and practice of kundalini yoga, Śakta Śaivism, Śrī Vidyā, Vajrayana tantrism, osteopathy, quantum physics and neuroscience, Swamiji articulates a new model of universal consciousness. Swamiji teaches that consciousness is in eternal union with respiratory process, which he terms the Breath of Life, and can be accessed by anyone through contact, alignment and flow with the creative energy. Swamiji met his primary guru, Swami Rudrananda ("Rudi"), in 1971, received sannyas from Swami Muktanananda in 1978, and studied with a number of other tantric masters and prominent academics. Born and educated in the US, Swamiji has traveled widely and explored the tantric tradition in all its forms, from the plains of North India to Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley and the steppes of Tibet. His practice and studies include kundalini yoga, Kashmir Śaivism and Śakta Śaivism, Śrī Vidyā and the Śrī Chakra Practice, as well as Vajrayana tantrism. He also has a deep working knowledge of the principles of osteopathy, homeopathy and Qigong, which inform his teachings. Swamiji has written numerous books on spiritual practice and philosophy, published by Rudra Press. He established Nityananda Institute to develop and promote kundalini yoga related studies, and founded The Movement Center, a spiritual community based in Portland, Oregon.